Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Wednesday 31st March, 2010

Hubby dearest tells me that at one stage in Russia, women of all ages who got their hair dyed would have it done in unnatural and conspicuous colours which looked very bizarre to outsiders. The reason for this was that hair dye was expensive, so you wanted everyone to know that you could afford it, and if you had a natural colour then the status symbol was lost.

I think sunburn has a similar status in Britain. Because it's still March and I am sunburnt, and when I come home looking cerise pink and wrinkly, everyone will know that I could afford to go to Florida.

I did make a token effort to avoid getting sunburnt. I sprayed (American sunscreen comes in sprays) waterproof factor 50 over all of us, but it was meant to be reapplied every 80 minutes and I may have neglected to top it up as often as I should have done. I'm using the aloe vera and menthol aftersun liberally now, though...

This enviable sunburn was acquired at Disney's Blizzard Beach on one of the most perfect days ever. I love waterparks, and it was great to be able to enjoy this one with the whole family. It wasn't too busy, parking was actually free, and we had a refillable drink which kept us going all day. A great time was had by all, from Ceri at Tike's Peak with lots of little waterslides and flumes suitable for her age, to Hari at the pre-teens section. None of us were brave enough to attempt Summit Plummet. I had one of those particularly perfect moments as I was drifting lazily around Cross Country Creek enjoying the warmth of the sun,and reflecting that back at home it was about 3.15 and I would normally be standing outside the school gate in the rain waiting for the children.

We then went to KFC for tea. At home, KFC is Gwen's all-time favourite junk food, but she was disappointed in it here. Don't know why - I thought it was fine, and really enjoyed the mashed potato, gravy and "biscuit". We're intrigued to know what the "KFC Famous Bowls" are though, since we'd never heard of them.

Going to bed now, very, very gingerly... ouch. But I bet none of you reading this at home in cold old England are sunburnt!

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  1. There's a big thing in the news here (UK) today about how skin cancer is increaasing dramatically as a result of the trend to get sunburned, which our (my) parents absolutely did not do.