Monday, 5 April 2010

Easter Sunday, 4th April 2010

Easter doesn't seem to be much of an occasion in America. Back home Good Friday and Easter Monday are Public Holidays, and everything is closed on Easter Day; there will be a special edition of Radio Times, and special films and programmes on TV to mark the day. And that's all if you're not religious.

Over here it was like any other day. All the shops and restaurants were open as usual. But we made it special all the same. We went to Kissimmee ward to listen to the Sunday morning session of General Conference, and almost got to hear it actually on Sunday morning. It started at noon Florida time, but that's better than the 5p.m. UK time we usually get to see it.

We then returned to the timeshare and I managed to recreate a family Easter tradition by making soft-boiled eggs, on which we drew faces (I put Mickey Mouse ears on mine in recognition of our stay in Orlando), before eating them with Bovril soldiers (I had brougfht a pot of Bovril with me, because I couldn't see how we could manage three weeks without it.) American eggs are white so it was easier to draw on them, but we didn't have any egg-cups so I had to improvise by cutting up the egg box they came in.

We then went to play mini-golf, which was free at our resort and lots of fun. Hubby Dearest won, but I came a close second. HD then took Hari and Ceri to the pool while I hid the creme eggs I had brought with us from home around the apartment. By the time the children found them they were pretty squished and melted, despite the air conditioning. But still delicious.

Gwen didn't actually leave the apartment all day. She sat on the balcony reading Breaking Dawn. She and HD had planned to drive out to the Kennedy Space Centre at Cape Canaverel tomorrow to watch the shuttle launch, but it transpired that it was at 6.21 a.m., and all the tickets for viewing it had long gone. She's a bit miffed at not being able to see it after all, but I promised her that one day she will. And I have put it on my bucket list.

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