Saturday, 3 April 2010

Friday 2nd April 2010

Disney's Animal Kingdom was great. It's like a zoo with the occasional Disney show and rides, and so doesn't draw quite the same crowds (or queues) as Magic Kingdom, but to my mind you're more guaranteed to be entertained without having to wait around. Even if you didn;t bother queuing at all, there was plenty to do and see. The Kilimanjaro Safari was fantastic - we saw elephants, giraffes, a lion, hippos and ostriches, among other things, and all very close up, not just off in the distance. We also saw a baby rhino on a different ride, and tigers, tapirs and a komodo dragon in another area of the park.

The park was split into different areas - we mostly stayed in Africa and Asia - and the animals we saw were all native to that part of the world. As ever, with Disney, it was the details that were amazing. They had created miniature little towns (Harambe in Africa and Anapadur in Asia) and everything about them looked completely authentic, right down to the unfinished buildings and rusty bicycles.

Our favourite ride was the Kali river rapids on which we all got soaked. So naturally we went on it twice.

I'm hoping to go back to finish off Animal Kingdom with Hari and Ceri on Monday while Roderic and Gwen are at Cape Canaverel watching the space shuttle launch.

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