Sunday, 4 April 2010

Saturday 3rd April 2010

Shoes and shopping characterised our day today. Roderic took Gwen to Horse World in Kissimmee for an hour-long trail ride (she rode a horse called Mystery and saw two snakes) and in the meantime I decided it was high time I had my eagerly awaited Taco Bell lunch, so Hari, Ceri and I walked up to the Crossroads Plaza Mall. At least, we tried to.

I had already ascertained that it was about a mile to this mall, and since that's the same distance as we walk to school every day, it wouldn't be a problem. I think now I understand why Americans drive everywhere. A helpful neon sign outside one of the hotels told us it was 98 degrees. No idea what that is in real money, but pretty piggin' hot, I can tell you.

Then Ceri took to saying "ouch" with each step, and it transpired that wearing her favourite shoes without socks for the first time had given her blisters on both feet. So she took them off and walked barefoot for a while until that proved to be too hot underfoot, at which point I carried her. She's quite a lump.

We got to McDonald's. Taco Bell was at the far side of the mall, and the girls wanted a McDonald's. I had planned to buy theirs "to go" (I am learning the language!) and take then to Taco Bell to eat their happy meals as I tucked into ... whatever it is Taco Bell offer. But since I couldn't carry two happy meals and a five-year-old (and the hat full of Little People animals and play money she had inexplicably brought with her) I settled for a McRib. And after food, drink and air conditioning we were ready to brave the outside again. I bought Ceri a cheap pair of flip-flops, and we started for home again via IHOP (International House of Pancakes) for dessert.

Halfway back Ceri's new flipflops broke. Naturally they did this just as we were crossing the road necessitating my picking her up and running with her tucked under my arm. And then we were back to jumping from shade to grass to shade to stop her little feet getting burned.

Gwen and Hubby Dearest were back when we finally made it home, and so HD opted to take the children to the pool while Gwen and I walked, again, to Walgreens and the souvenir shop. We also discovered Dunkin' Donuts. Fabulous! Another brand which is long overdue for import to Britain.

I made my first "pot roast". I had bought a kit, which was a joint of pork with potatoes, carrots, celery, onion and a seasoning mix. Instructions - fling in pot with a cup of water, cover, leave in oven for three hours. Being British to the core it rather went against the grain to put water in with it and cover it, so I didn't. Does that still count as a pot roast? Anyway, it was delicious, if I say so myself. Although, given that I only emptied into a dish and put it in the oven I don't think that counts as cooking it. At only $10 (about £6.30) it was also much cheaper than anything I could put together at home. And I got to play in the pool with Ceri while it was cooking.

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