Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tuesday 6th April 2010

I stand by what I said, that the best of the Disney theme parks are the waterparks. Typhoon Lagoon was even better than Blizzard Beach. We were there the whole day, and we all loved it.

There was a wave pool with giant tsunami-style waves which completely knocked you off your feet and carried you along. There was a family raft ride which we all went on together and loved. And there were several other raft rides, one of which spins you around the whole time. The children's area was great, with a ride which Ceri did about 100 times.

Gwen and I got sunburnt again, and Gwen's sunburn is now in interesting patterns since she was wearing a different swimsuit from the first time. She is also peeling on her shoulders, and my face is peeling, which serves me right for laughing at Gwen when her nose was peeling.

Just as the park was closing we decided to take the Lazy River to the exit, just to milk every last minute of fun out of it. At the appropriate place I leapt off my rubber tube and decided to helpfully take it to the edge to be stacked with the rest. I didn't realise that the water was shallower at the edges, and stubbed my toe; it was painful, but at the time I was too busy worrying about Ceri who had forgotten she wasn't wearing her armbands and gone under the water when she jumped out of her ring. (The water was only 3 feet deep, so she wasn't actually in any danger, but she was a bit upset.)

When we got home I discovered that my toe was black and about twice its normal size, and that it still hurt. Quite a lot. I concluded that I had broken it. So I sent Roderic off for Walgreens for something to strap it up with, and will be hobbling around for a few days.

Totally worth it, though.

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