Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday 7th April 2010

One funny thing at Typhoon Lagoon yesterday I forgot to note - everyone there was English. Well, most people, apart from the Scottish ones. For about the first hour all the voices we overheard were British. It was like a lovely little enclave of Blighty.

Today we had such a lazy day e didn't even make it to the pools. We went to a mall in the afternoon. No idea what it was called, but half the shop units were empty. Only instead of just having empty shops, the frontages were painted to look like normal shops. Very pretty and prevented us from feeling quite so hard downe by by the lack of shops.

Gwen and I did the mall while Roderic took the little ones to see "How to train your dragon" in 3D. We got some great bargains. A dress for Gwen reduced from $24.99 to $7.49, a book for 50 cents, and a Twilight book reduced from $16.95 to $4.25. We watched the skateboarders and roller bladers at Vans but passed up on the opportunity to go for a pint in the Cricketers Arms.

In the evening Roderic and Ihad planned to go on a date to the Westgate Smokehouse Grill. As part of the perks for upgrading our timeshare we had been given a voucher for $50 off there, but turning up for lunch a couple of days ago we discovered that it didn't open until 5 p.m. So at 7.30 p.m. tonight we turned up in our best clothes asking for a table for two, only to be told that the wait for a table was about an hour. We didn't want to wait an hour. We asked if we could book a table for Friday, and were told that they didn't allow parties under 8 people to book tables. (I'm tempted still to book a table for 8 and then turn up explaining that our six friends have been unable to come after all.) It seems a little unreasonable not to allow people to book when the place is so busy, and for a moment our $50 voucher seemed not to be worth the paper it was printed on. But we will go back at 5 on Friday in order to be first in the queue for a table, and it had better be a darn good meal.

In the event we went to Quizno's for a sandwich, and then to Walgreens to buy some milk. Not really the date night we had been planning, but when you're married the odd disastrous date doesn't matter.

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