Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Sunday 31st March

Picture of the day:
No one we know, but I just missed the moment where the Dad
pointed out the empty tomb to his son.
Hellen's Version

Nope, sorry, can't think of anything about today that wasn't perfect. How's Scotland?

Everyone Else Version

Easter Day isn't as big here as it is at home in some ways. For example, the ward we attended had its rescheduled Fast and Testimony meeting (since next week is General Conference) and although there was the odd "Happy Easter" it wasn't resurrection or atonement themed talks.

On the way, however, we got caught in the first traffic jam we have seen in America. We could see flashing blue lights and state troopers directing traffic so we assumed it was an accident. We were wrong. It was just huge numbers of people going to Christ the King Lutheran Church, Christ Community Church, Church of the Ascension, Holy Family Catholic Church and the First Baptist Church of Orlando, all huge churches with enormous car parks clustered within half-a-mile along Apopka-Vineland. Never seen anything like that before!

After church we came home and I lounged round the pool, even swam in it (it was warm this time) and then put together an Easter Egg hunt for the children, and boiled some eggs for them to paint. I'd bought chocolate Easter eggs with me from home, since I already knew they don't have them here, and we had a lovely lazy afternoon eating chocolate and chatting on the balconies.

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