Friday, 29 March 2013

Thursday 28th March 2013

Hari and Clara-ism of the day (while out on a paddle boat):
Clara - "Argh! My feet are wet!"
Hari - "Is the boat leaking?"
Clara - "No, it's just got a hole in it."

Picture of the day: The view from our balcony

Thing unexpectedly found to have sugar in it of the day: Coleslaw

Hellen's Version

I had to go on a paddle boat with Clara and Hari. They argued the whole time about who would steer. Then Hari, Ceri and I walked all the way to Wal-Mart and Dollar Tree in blazing heat (of course they moaned all the way) and decided to get the bus back, but we just missed one and then the next one never came so we walked back, them moaning all the way again.

In the evening we went to Golden Corral and I ate so much I felt really ill for the rest of the evening.

Hope things are better in Scotland.

Everyone Else Version

From our very first trip to Florida (our honeymoon) Roderic said that we needed to have a quiet day between park days or we'd need another holiday to recover. Today was that quiet day. I took Hari and Clara to the marina in our resort to have a go on a paddle boat, but was told that they needed to have an adult with them, so I had to clamber onto the back of the boat, clinging to my handbag, and sit there as they pedalled round in circles. I'm not really a boat person, but the sun was shining and it was a lovely way to pass half-an-hour.

Ceri wanted to go to Dollar Tree because some kid on YouTube had claimed they sold LPS (Littlest pet shop toys, to you and me). We walked there, because Google maps told me it was only a mile away, and that's how far we walk to school each day so it's easy. Turns out a mile in Florida feels very different to a mile in Thundersley, and they were pretty shattered when we arrived.

Dollar Tree is great though - like an upmarket version of Poundland. Amazing bargains included a dozen eggs, a book of Bible crosswords(!), and sunglasses. All for a dollar. No LPS though, to Ceri's disappointment. There was a bus stop outside Wal-Mart just a few hundred yards away so I decided we'd get the bus the couple of stops back rather than walking, but the bus sailed past as we approached it, and after waiting twenty minutes we decided to walk instead. No bus passed us during the walk home, so that was evidently the right decision.

A bit of quality pool time (and Gwen and I were awesome when some people in the jacuzzi with us started badmouthing Mormons and we summoned up the courage to put them right) and then we all headed off to Golden Corral. The restaurant we were at seated 432 people according to the plaque on the wall, and we still had a ten minute wait for a table. It's an all-you-can-eat buffet, and I can eat a lot. Six courses, in this case. Clam chowder (first time I've had it, and it was very nice), then a magnificent salad, Chinese, chicken and mashed potato, ribs, and then carrot cake and ice-cream with both hot fudge and hot caramel sauces. Love Golden Corral, but I really hope it never comes to the UK.

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