Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday 26th March 2013

Roderic-ism of the day (as we were heading in to watch the first manatee and turtle show of the day): "It's a manatee performance."

Picture of the day: Since the picture of Ceri nose-to-nose with a dolphin is stuck on Roderic's camera, I'll have to go for this caricature of Hari. Clara, Hari and I all had caricatures drawn, and they were all excellent especially considering that they took less than ten minutes each to produce.

Hellen's Version

I'm going to sue Florida for misdescription. We came here because it was hot, and today it wasn't! We all headed off to Seaworld in shorts and t-shirts, and shivered all day. More than all day, in fact, because the shuttle bus dropped us off an hour before the park actually opened. I had to buy Ceri a sweatshirt because she was so cold, and several people were wearing coats, hats, scarves and gloves.

Suzy and Phil had their sandwiches confiscated by the bag check people, and food and drink in the park was ridiculously expensive. We were all painfully sunburnt, which was ironic given how cold we were. Aren't you glad you're not here?

Everyone Else Version

Seaworld isn't as good as some of the other parks, but it is still a great day out and very beautifully presented. We loved Turtle Trek, a 3D experience about the life of a sea turtle, and the Killer Whales in the One Ocean show were impressive, even if the show itself took cheesy to whole new levels. The best part I thought was the Sea Lions and otters who (with a brief cameo from a walrus) put on a really fun show. Their warm-up act, a mime, was so hilarious that his ten minutes alone was worth the cost and effort of getting there.

In the evening Roderic and I made tuna pasta for everyone, Roderic's signature dish and something we've both made many times before. To our surprise it tasted a bit odd. Fine but...strange. So we checked the ingredients on the tin of chopped tomatoes we'd used, and the second ingedient (after "tomatoes") was  sugar. How strange - why would anyone put sugar in tomatoes? So I checked through my cupboard full of American goodies and all the savoury things, including ranch dressing, bread and ketchup, contain either sugar, honey or high-fructose corn syrup. It must be a nightmare for diabetics.

At various times during the day someone said something to which I responded, "that's going on the blog", but can I remember any of them now? May have to ask Suzy to jog my memory in the morning. Right now I'm struggling to stay awake.

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  1. All that sugar and high-fructose corn syrup is WHY we have so many diabetics here! It's criminal!