Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thursday 4th April 2013

Anna-ism of the day (speculating on why an elderly couple we met yesterday used to drive for 24 hours to get to the Temple rather than fly): "Perhaps it was before the cheap flights thing took off?"

Picture of the day: Ceri with Rainbow Dash before she was stuffed (the pony, not Ceri).

Thing unexpectedly found to have sugar in it of the day: Tinned beans

Hellen's Version

Rained, and I got soaked (and lost) going to the post office.

Everyone Else Version

We're gearing up for going home, sadly. No, I won't leave, you can't make me! That means I'm starting to get worried about the fact that we only have 45 minutes to make our connection in Atlanta and get on the flight to Heathrow. Apparently the airport claim it's do-able, but that might mean that an Olympic sprinter with one carry-on bag can do it, rather than a party of ten including four children under ten. My amazing subconscious has a habit of sorting stuff out for me while I sleep (seriously, several times I've awoken with an answer in my head) and this morning I opened my eyes to the obvious solution: change the first flight to an earlier one.

So I phoned Delta, but was told that I couldn't do so unless there was a good reason, such as our first flight looking likely to be delayed due to bad weather. I'm hoping for thunderstorms on Saturday morning. It could happen.

Florida isn't always sunny as we discovered again today, and when it rains it's fun to watch the Floridians panic. All the same, rather than lounge by the pool today we took Ceri to Florida Mall to spend the money she got from both Grandmas. She decided to go to Build-a-Bear workshop where they had her favourite My Little Pony, so she made and adopted Rainbow Dash. We also found a toy shop which sold Littlest Pet Shop figures (which Ceri collects) so that made short work of her dollars.

I should probably be offended, because we walked past a salesgirl hawking family photography packages (salespeople in America are very pushy) and she leapt out at me and suggested I might like a photograph done. I  replied, "Not while I look like this," and she nodded aquiesence and moved onto the next person. I am currently an ideal candidate for an extra in a zombie movie since my face is sunburnt and blistered and peeling.

On the way back we passed a car with the number plate "GODSFAV". That should have been picture of the day, except that I was scrabbling around in my bag for the phone at the crucial moment.

Suzy and Phil took their offspring to Magic Kingdom, where I expect they had to buy waterproof Disney ponchos, did lots of the indoor shows and didn't have to queue for very long for the rides.

Meanwhile once the rain cleared Hari and I headed down to the pool for a late night jacuzzi. It was full of Americans having drinking contests, but was nevertheless warm and comfortable. Hari got bored after five minutes.

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