Monday, 22 February 2016

Sunday 21st February 2016

A day of rest today - at last. Grandma wasn't feeling well and so we spent the day mostly doing nothing. I did a little writing in the morning - until my laptop crashed - then had a stroll round the resort and hit the pool. In the outdoor jacuzzi I met a salesman and his family from Nebraska, and a retiree from Ontario who comes to Florida with his wife every January for 2 months.

Since we didn't go to church last week having just arrived in Florida, won't go next week due to flying home, and will be in Leeds the weekend after that, I had felt I very much wanted to go to church today. So I'd looked up the nearest church and contacted them to arrange a lift. A very nice lady called Donna collected me, and took me to their very friendly small non-denominational church. It was a really lovely experience, and the preacher - who wasn't their usual pastor - was excellent.

No pictures today, but it was a lovely peaceful Sunday.

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